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In the News: "Dog stoned, hit by car rescued by Good Samaritan", featured on WCNC

A Good Samaritan brought our unnamed baby into Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control (CMACC). One of our volunteers also happened to be there. The Good Samaritan seemed to be in a bit of a panic. There were two men throwing rocks at this little dog and he saw it happening. Instead of driving off, he stopped and helped the little girl knowing that he could get hurt and have rocks thrown at him or worse. Luckily, all this happened within a mile of CMACC. Upon a quick exam, it was evident the dog was not putting any weight on her rear leg and her body was covered in bruises. As our volunteer was leaving, another man came into AC to check on the dog. He had seen the man stepping in to help and wanted to make sure the dog and the other man were okay. He was the one who suggested the man rush the little girl to animal control. This guy was also completely distraught and said the abusers had run off.  This sweet girl is now in our care. We will do whatever it takes to help her and to find her a forever home where she will experience nothing but the love she deserves.

Please consider making a donation to our Emergency Vet Fund to help her and others animals. In the process, you can also help us name this new little girl! Include a name suggestion along with your donation and we will choose our favorite name from all submitted. The more unique, the better!

You can help contribute to her care by making a donation to our Emergency Vet Fund:

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